BradyWA5HOT444.875+162.2Linkable to Robert Lee 444.225.
BradyKC5EZZ146.900-162.2Expanded local area coverage.
BradyWA5HOT147.280+162.2Linkable to Brady 146.900 or Eden 146.860.
BradyWA5HOT441.800+162.2Expanded area DMR Repeater. Time Slot1 is for local use. Time Slot 2 is for state, national and worldwide use. Contacting 311990 will allow you to contact this repeater directly to Time Slot 1 from other repeaters or hotspots.
EdenW5RP146.860-162.2Linked to Doss 147.160 & the WX Link System.
EdenKC5EZZ444.925+162.2Linked to Robert Lee 444.225 WX Link System
EdenKD5FUN147.390+114.8Not linked, but has coverage to San Angelo.
DossW5RP147.160+162.2Part of WX Link System (Hub). Linked to Eden 146.860.
DossW5RP442.300+162.2Linked to Doss 147.160 and Eden 146.860.
Santa AnnaN5RMO444.300+94.8Linked to Robert Lee 444.225 WX Link System
Coleman146.980-94.8Local to Coleman area, not linked.
Robert LeeKC5EZZ444.225+162.2WX Link System Hub
Robert LeeKF5EI147.340+88.5Part of WX Link System. Linkable to Abilene.
BangsKB5ZVV147.000+94.8Open Repeater
BrownwoodK5BWD444.700+94.8Brownwood ARC
BrownwoodK5BWD146.940-94.8Brownwood ARC
Cross PlainsKA9DNO444.650+77.0Local to Coleman – Cross Plains

You can see a map of the linked repeater system HERE